"Many people are asking about our pictures from our vacation in Florida this year so I finally started to go through it. These photos are from Miami and many of them are taken from the car, so sorry for the quality :-)"

Little Thomas said about these lights: "Oh they have the lights here which are laying down!!" :-)

South Beach

Ice-cream bigger than Jessie :-) When I see it, my belly still hurts! We were so full!!! Enough for half of year :-)) But really good mint ice-cream!
The Art Deco Area of South Beach

Thomas and Granny

Ocean Drive

Thomas loves to push the buttons :-))
What about if we would not have 50 cents? :-)))

Miami International Airport

Airplanes everywhere...

Trying out our new fish-eye lens


6 Response to "Miami"

klarissa Says:

Pavlí, krásný fotky....díky za výlet za velkou louži....

Dadouch Says:

To jsou nádherné fotky ;o) krásně jsem se pokochala...

Barča Says:

Moc krásný fotky! Super!

Kateřina Says:

Úžasný fotky!!!!!!!!!